I'm a Leadership Performance Strategist. I guide you (the leader) and your team in the design of a Strategy to operate in your Peak Performance Mindset and obtain extraordinary results. I apply what I’ve learned training sport champions to helping you be fully engaged and go "Beyond Personal Best." I organize international events for leaders and creatives to co-create in the convergence of economics and innovation.

the Peak Performance Mindset of High Achievers

expanding my international platform for creative dialogue and co-creation to deliver social impact in education (teaching Creative Thinking Skills to young people)

"Design your life. It's the most difficult design of all but the most interesting" - Richard Saul Wurman, founder of the TED, TED MED, WWW and 555 Conferences

Ordinary individuals doing extraordinary things - because they are Breakthrough


International Tennis Coach

Moments of Enlightenment in conversation with extraordinary human beings

How to design their future in four stages


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