Industrial designer, product developer, and problem solver. Crowdfunding and entrepreneurial enthusiast. Sexy nerd.

I know a lot of things about a lot of things, but a few things I know a little better than others. Professionally, I know about product development from concept through mass production. I know mechanical engineering. I know about materials and manufacturing methods. I know user-centered research. Personally, I know about love & loss, perseverance & acceptance, success & failure, and that there is great joy to be found in the simple things.

Branding, marketing, and startup growth strategies.

Listen more than speak

My Dad. From poor rural roots, he survived a cultural revolution, supported his family even as a kid, self-educated well enough to pass not one, but two university exams (despite having no formal education past age 14), emigrated his family to a distant land to give us better opportunities, and worked multiple jobs to support us, all the while remaining humble and always helpful.


I'm all in... Designer4Life!

My wife's smile :-) My son's laughter :-D

Compassion and empathy

Gifs are ephemeral and far too numerous to have a favourite