Sasha Huber (*1975) is a visual artist of Swiss-Haitian heritage, born in Zurich with a background in graphic design (MA). She lives and works in Helsinki together with her family. Huber's work is primarily concerned with the politics of memory and belonging, particularly in relation to colonial residue left in the environment. Sensitive to the subtle threads connecting history and the present, she works with performance-based interventions, video, photography, publications, archival material, and the compressed-air staple gun – while aware of its symbolic significance as a weapon. She is known for her artistic contribution to the long-term project “Demounting Louis Agassiz”, which promotes awareness that the Swiss-born Louis Agassiz (1807-1873) was a proponent of scientific racism, and a pioneering thinker of segregation and “racial hygiene”. This project has meanwhile become her practice-based doctoral project. She has participated in international exhibitions including the Biennale of Sydney 2014, the Venice Biennale 2015 and international artist residencies together with regular collaborator visual artist Petri Saarikko.

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