Come on. My name is Shiva. I destroy things then I put them together again, better. Born in Iran. Refugee in Italy. Grew up Iranian-Jewish-Muslim in the heart of NYC. I was a walking cultural "situation" until I found and mastered Cultural Intelligence. Now I use my expertise to avoid culture clashes between companies and between humans. Then I get those same companies and humans to innovate and negotiate using culture as currency. And just for fun I teach a course I call "The Mindfuck Course" which (surprise!) fucks with your mind. But my most popular course, and the one that changes and touches most lives is "Burn Your CV: how to get a job without even applying." Yes, that's right, I'll help you burn your CV. Let's talk. Bring your lighter.

I know a ton about cultural intelligence, intercultural communication and all things diversity.

Taming my pink hair. Adding more ingredients to my marketing mix.

You have to save yourself first before you can save the world. You're getting old so get off your ass and start already. - Dad

To find their most awesome "self" and how to be their most awesome self.

Shiva hasn't saved anything yet.