My name is Shikha Shahdeo. I moved to the US 5 years ago, to pursue my masters in film studies, while leaving my 8-year career as a creative producer for television in India. I am currently an independent video producer for my own company who works on various kinds of projects and platforms. From fashion shows to networking events, non-profit organizations and corporate events - I create promotional/marketing/highlight/documentary-style/profile videos, etc. I have recently launched my Facebook page - This is my story. what's yours? A platform where I would share stories of people from around the world - talking about their life, their struggles, their motivation, lessons learned and the one message they would like to share with the world.

The philosophy of Buddhism

Finding people to interview for my Facebook page - This is my story, what's yours? This page is dedicated to telling stories of individuals from around the globe, talking about their life journey, their struggles, their motivation, their learning, and a message that they would like to share with the world.

Take action, rest will follow

I admire a Japanese Buddhist philosopher and Educator - Daisaku Ikeda. He represents the power of human potential and has played a revolutionary role in engaging world leaders and common people to have the heart to heart dialogue based on grounds of humanism, in order to create a peaceful society.

The patience to listen

No backup career - have always been a creative producer, and now want to be a visual storyteller. Just expanding my horizon, not deviating to back up career plans

someone's story

Teach about the Buddhist philosophy that I practice in daily life, which has changed the course of my life

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