Art has been my life's passion since a small child. As a child and teenager growing up in Muncie, IN I would take the city bus to the library and check out art books to study art of all mediums. I became a serious artist after the passing of my beloved spouse who passed away of lung cancer in 2004. I am a self-taught artist. I am proud to say on my own I have had 8 exhibits since 2008 in Bloomington, Muncie, and Zionsville. I had the "balls" to reach out and teach an abstract expressionistic art at a senior residential community, where my art students ages were 84 to 100 for 1 1/2 years every Tuesday in Bloomington with no former art teaching instruction. It was an awesome experience. I formed 6 art exhibits for my students in Bloomington, IN, which was very well received. My professional career has been in the Human Resources manufacturing field since 1977 to 2012. I am retired and have created art parties. Being a senior myself now at age 63, you are never to old to start creating art and following your passions in life. I am also a holistic healing practitioner (Reiki Master since early and Hypnotherapist since early 90's, Grief support therapist, Reflexologist). My art business is "Healing the Heart through Art". My beloved spouse passed away in 2004 of lung cancer and that is when I devoted my passion in art full time. I have used my art as my personal grief therapy and for others in my teachings.

I know a lot in creating art from the heart. I paint at night mostly with candle light. I channel my art and do not judge anything that comes through my senses on my canvases in the moment. Picasso painted at night as well. When asked why he painted at night...he replied and pointed to his head..."my light is in here!" In my teachings...too many students want everything to be perfect and take too much time to create .... I just let it flow in "my moment" and then sometimes I am done quickly with a painting then others take several days. I teach others not to judge their paintings and just let things develop on your canvas.

I am always open to new art methods of creating.

Not to take art lessons! (Unless Depending the medium you are wanting to learn).

Soutine, Cezzane, Emile Zola, Picasso, Monet, Matisse, ModiglianaDiebenkorn, Schiele and and many more. I love to read the biographies of the artist who came to Paris during the 1800-1900's who left their homes and family to follow their deep passion to find their soul in art. I can relate. Also being a metaphysical person in and metaphysics go hand in hand. Roualt has deeply moved me in the paintings of Christ and religious type subjects. I have quite an library of art books. Most recently...I was the Secretary of the T.C. Steele Museum in Brown County for 2 years ..and lived in Brown County...where I met so many local Indiana artists....that is another story. Lived in Bloomington, IN where I was the Vice President of the Bloomington Watercolor Society. I met so many local Watercolor artists where I learned so many techniques during our monthly meetings. My art has been influenced by so many wonderful artists.

Using my fun loving (and comedic) creative verbal and written communication skills in empowering others to find their passion to fulfill their creative self when I teach art having art parties and/or giving workshop lectures in metaphysics.

I have no backup career. Being retired.....I can do whatever I want in a moment's notice. I am my own career that I have always created in my life. I live in the moment! I want to be part of an art gallery and community outreach programs where I will teach abstract/expressionistic art to seniors, adults, disabled individuals and children.

Just being in the moment and letting my creative artistic mind float where it wants to go and then create or not create.

Whatever comes to your mind's eye...sketch it, write it down, and/or put your idea on paper. What I love to teach....which I have done in my art classes with my seniors age have a watercolor either spray your canvas with water before you apply your favorite colours on your canvas..or apply your paints after you apply your paint. then hold the canvas upside down, side to side, etc. and see what your "element of surprise is" in your new creation. Another very 5 minute quick painting I have taught...and it can be small or very take your favorite acrylic paint colours with a palette knife and throw literally throw the paint on your canvas...then take a metal squeezy press the edge of the squeezy edge up and down side ways circle, etc. keep adding your paint to build texture. This can be done in 5 minutes. I know...I have many paintings I have sold! What is crazy...about this now have 4 paintings in one. When you turn your painting in all different have 4 paintings. It is a fun wild class I have conducted.

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