For over 7 years I have been working with various organizations to produce content that increases brand awareness, generates high lead volume, and establishes magnified brand engagement. In those 7 years, I have worked in different areas within the marketing industry including but not limited to print advertising, digital marketing, market research, integrated marketing, and experiential marketing. Also, according to the VIA Institute of Character (, my top five strengths are:

1.) Creativity 2.) Bravery 3.) Leadership 4.) Social Intelligence 5.) Zest

The reason I bring these up is that I believe these best describe me as a person and as a worker. I strive for greatness in whatever the task may be and I have the work ethic to accomplish greatness. I believe the reason why I work so hard on varies different projects is because of my zest, regardless of what I do, I approach it with excitement and energy. I never do anything halfway or halfheartedly

"It's not effort that makes you successful, it is about the context and substance of your work that truly matters. Obviously, good work comes with effort but do not expect to get recognized for that effort. Just keep on creating and never stop." -Professor Seth Meyers, Loras College "You are a hustler, never forget that. Combine your book smarts and street smarts forever." -Random Homeless Man on Michigan Ave.

Massimo Vignelli because American Airlines and Bloomingdales. Paul Rand because of ABC, IBM, and Westinghouse. Matteo Bologna because of all of his work and he is hilarious!



I would teach them how to use the pen tool in Illustrator because once you master that thing you can do anything! ;)

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