Creative Director and Partner at After The Whistle. A sports marketing company. Love exploring Chicago with my wife and finding new spots for our inflatable SUPs.

Creative solutions. I research the hell out of things and go down every rabbit hole that exists. Whether it be for design inspiration or finding the right person, venue or company that can solve the problem.

Purpose. Don't we all? The why behind what we do.

Good design is good business. Sometimes design adds value faster to brands than it adds cost. Also, "Knowledge is Power". Yes, it's overused and simple, but it's still very true. The more you know about anything makes you better informed and a better person.

Tyler Henry, the Hollywood medium. He connects people with spirits from the other side. To have that gift and see the impact he has on lives is truly amazing.

I make a mean vanilla latte thanks to working at a cafe in college.

Experience giver. One of my favorite quotes is, "People who collect experiences are happier than people who collect things." The world is large but small enough we can affordably travel and take people to experience different cultures, foods, etc. The more we learn about other people and what we have in common, the better off we will be as humans.

Thankfully all my building codes. Front door code, elevator code, condo door code.

The difference between VR/AR/MR.

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