Sha Davis is a highly-acclaimed and experienced vocalist, writer, lyricist, and performer from a small town in Mississippi. After serving 4 years of active duty for the United States Air Force, Sha relocated to Houston, and began building her band/loyal client base. Currently, Sha is the bandleader and vocalist for the band: Sha Davis & The 1990s. Together, the band travels, performs, and continues to create their growing and incredibly supportive fan base in clubs, theaters and college campuses, all over the USA! Originally trained as a classical competition vocalist, her love for a wide variety of genres heavily influences her live sound and vocal techniques. As a writer, Sha has written songs with and performed opening numbers for Billboard charting artists like Ruben Studdard and Jon B.

Having performed in formidably amazing venues such as Warehouse Live, Rockefeller Center, and the Houston Galleria, Sha Davis has created a solid relationship in the industry, and is listed as a preferred musician for the Texas Music Office! Over the last several years the band has begun performing on college campuses such as: University of North Texas- Dallas, Texas A&M-Galveston, Texas Southern University, etc.! These relationships, with the student government associations and student activities’ delegates, have allowed Sha to spread her message of empowerment to women on college campuses about following their dreams and creating a solid client base.

How to turn your idea into your aesthetic.


The time will past any way, spending it doing something you love.

Rihanna. She makes being put in a box, obsolete.


Corporate Life- Sales/Marketing.

Scales on a piano.

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