For a creative type, it was always known as the dark side. The forbidding client side. The side I wasn’t on. For 30 years I ploughed the entrepreneurial furrow. As the Likeminded creative agency. Then, as a brand consultant. Along the way, there have been adrenaline fuelled highs as well as ‘kick in the nuts’ lows. And everything in between. I’ve worked with wonderfully talented individuals (you know who you are) and inspiring clients (ditto). Pretty much, I loved every minute of it. But for the last couple of years I’ve been on that dark side. And guess what? It’s not dark at all. In fact, it’s retina-burning bright. I’m Head of Creative at Cooper Parry. The fact that the firm (we’re what used to be called accountants) even has such a title speaks volumes. We love to disrupt. We always want to lead. And we want to make life count. Along the way, we help businesses become what they want to be – financially and culturally. At the heart of this is our brand. The way we look, the way we sound and the way we roll. I live it. And I love it.

If you want to know more, I’ve never knowingly turned down the chance to share a fresh coffee. Luckily, our Cooper Pantry makes a cracking one. In these surreal times, we can even enjoy a virtual one. Join me sometime.

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