I am a NYC based editorial and portrait photographer. An illustration graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design, I has always carry both a camera and a pencil. For more than twenty years, I worked as an Art Director for magazines, newspapers and non-profit organizations in New York and London. Although still inspired by the ad world, it’s behind the lens where you’ll find me the most these days.

My favorite part of being a photographer is meeting new people and hearing their stories. I enjoy the opportunity to capture what makes them unique, whether that be through a series of images or one still photograph, in my daylight studio or their own personal space.

Staying up on technology.

Your job should be doing what you do when you procrastinate!

My daughter for her energy, fearlessness and positivity.

I always recognize a face I've seen before.

Graphic design

The names of fonts.

How to properly dice an onion.

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