After 10+ years of working in brand strategy, I've expanded my strategy skills across disciplines such as communications planning, digital/social strategy, marketing consulting, and products/services development. I'm driven by travel and am at my best when on-the-go. I love to get shit done and blast music while doing it. I'm on the hunt for people and projects at the intersection of fun and efficiency.

All things strategy. (Brand Strategy | Comms Planning | Digital Marketing | Social Strategy | Global Consulting | Marketing Innovation | Creative Ideation | Product/Services Development | Workshops | Trainings | Management)

Creative execution and production.

People first. The work second. Everything suffers otherwise.

Rosie & Faris Yakob for following where life takes them (on many levels).

Unwavering optimism.

Music supervision.

Where I first heard a song I love.

The science of luck.

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