Scott Larson is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago and American Academy Of Art Chicago, studied Fine Art/ Visual Communication and Illustration. In addition to his long career as an agent for commercial illustrators at Steve Edsey & Sons, Scott has worked in the comic book industry for over a decade. He has drawn comics for Capstone Press ( Marie Curie and Radioactivity), Markosia ( Kong: King Of Skull Island, Heretic ), AC Comics (Femforce), Moonstone Books (The Saint) Zenescope Entertainment ( 1000 Ways To Die, Hook), Bluewater Productions( Victoria’s Secret Service), and others. Scott Is currently working on his own best selling graphic novel creation, Visitations, which is the history of Chicago as seen through the eyes of the residents of the city's oldest cemetery.

History, drawing, promotion, advertising, illustration, comic book creation, comic book history

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