I just received a Master's Degree in Higher Education Administration from Kent State University. Currently I am cultivating my creativity by selling artwork through my personal Etsy Shop. I love to create, run, drink tea, quote Parks and Recreation, and I am a major bookworm.

creating leadership programs, working with college students, interpersonal communication and living on a college campus.

learning how to better market my small business to a larger audience.

Positive thinking changes everything. You may not be able to change your circumstances, but the way you approach the circumstance in your mind can be the difference between a crappy situation and potential good one.

I most admire my mom. She is a true rockstar. She's almost 60 and three years ago she up and decided that she wanted to be a flight attendant and build a life that she truly loves. That takes guts and I admire her so much for pursuing her passions!

I am REALLY good at finding people's doppelgangers.

Being BFFs with either Amy Poehler or Tina Fey, or both.

Dates and phone numbers!

I would teach them how to whistle loudly. The one where you have to stick your fingers in your mouth (which sounds disgusting), but it's a good party trick!


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