Hi! For starters, at 4'11" I am a pretty big person for my size. I am easily excitable, enjoy motivating people to do things, have been elected for leadership roles throughout my life, and love being a part of a team in any capacity. For 5 years I've been running a successful freelance/subcontracting business as a Digital Technician on large scale photo shoots (Oprah to Tina Fey, Nike to New York Times, NYC to Africa). I'm like an on-set anesthesiologist! My job is technically technical, but I've engrained myself with photo crews as an integral part of the social dynamic and creative conversation. I'm an eternal optimist, experience seeker, creativity driver, and open minded felicitator. (I also love sword fights with toothpick swords, CRISPR, bioluminescence, puns, and holding eye contact with kids)

Making the mundane adventurous

It is my goal in life to start a couple movements for playfully driven social good. I've already started two on the side :) and am in the process of moving them from the side to the middle.

Music and rhythms :)

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