I am an artist and content marketer who approaches all tasks from a creative perspective. I love leading with design thinking and gravitate towards creating excellent social media marketing assets with on voice copy. I’m deeply committed to social justice and am constantly motivated to improve myself and my conversations through this lens. My ideal position would be one where my dedication and ideas are celebrated and I can contribute to a socially responsible mission. I’m well acquainted with asking questions to understand the underlying practices of a business and working to strategize from there. My friends joke that I try to “overstand” instead of understand things, and then politely decline to listen to the many hours of podcasts I recommend.

Being creative, being organized, and using both to be great at marketing strategy and content creation. I know a ton about the acronym alphabet soup of the start-up world and about Instagram. I also know a lot about sustainability, art history, knitting, crocheting, painting, and the USPS. I have a growing base of knowledge about Indigenous sovereignty, Emergent Strategy, and Mutual Aid and want to learn more.

Drumming up the desire to be better at Excel. I know it can be a beautiful thing, I know it can be helpful, I know it’s excellent to be able to build my own reports. Currently I rely on templates for the structure of my analytics reports but feel confident in my analysis.

“If you can’t fix it, feature it.” This advice came to me in a bookmaking class taught by the extremely talented and unflappable Anne Pelikan, who was a paper conservator at the Library of the Boston Athenaeum for decades. While very reassuring when stumbling through my first book binding projects, “if you can’t fix it, feature it” has been even more helpful in the context of marketing. Invariably I discover that what I initially viewed as a flaw in a product or timeline can be made fabulous. It’s a matter of perspective and being able to find enthusiasm from many angles.

Audre Lorde. When I encounter a quote from her, or someone referencing her work I immediately scream “Praise the Lorde!” in the privacy of my brain because it probably wouldn’t be taken too well if vocalized. Audre Lorde is a blueprint of greatness. She was unapologetic in her brilliance and revolutionary efforts towards liberation. I aspire to be in communication with creativity the way she was, and to grow the output of that creativity into offerings of service to the world.

Immediately being able to dance to any music, even if I haven’t heard it before. For a more work-specific superpower, pacifying any angry phone call.

Running a Bed & Breakfast and selling sourdough on the side. Being a full time barista. Being a “digital nomad” who travels the world while being employed as a copywriter.

In social situations I always remember exactly what everyone I encountered was wearing, but not really their names or faces, which can be quite unfortunate at conferences! I’m also excellent at remembering what I ate and where.

How to make a delicious, super healthy smoothie, no matter what your dietary restrictions are.