I'm a business coach with iFundWomen and Flauk. I help people launch and grow their businesses, and also help them run successful crowdfunding campaigns. I'm a former lawyer (ok, ok, sometimes I still practice). I travel full time, so you'll find me at Creative Mornings around the globe. I bake some badass pies and cookies.

Starting a business, and how to do it without going into debt.

managing all the ideas I want to launch

If it's not a "hell yes!" it's a "no."

My mother. She continues to learn, meet new people, and explore new places. She's not letting age stop her from doing anything.

I bake some damn good pies and cookies from scratch. And I can make friends with anyone.

FBI agent. I was about two steps away from finishing the process, and decided to open my own business instead.

People's addresses.

How to budget your money in a way that will keep you out of debt.

I have no idea. Open to suggestions.

Sarah hasn't saved anything yet.