Sarah M. Dunifon is a long-time STEM education, outreach, and evaluation professional. She is currently the Founder and Principal Evaluator of Improved Insights, LLC. Improved Insights provides participatory and utilization-focused evaluation and assessment services for nonprofits, institutions, and museums. We help organizations move from "we think it works" to "we know it works." Previously, Sarah served as Associate Director for Women in Science and Engineering at Case Western Reserve University, and as Senior Research and Evaluation Associate at Wildlife Conservation Society. She has spent much of her career in the informal STEM learning, STEM equity, and STEM outreach spaces.

1) How to assess and demonstrate the impacts of ones' work, particularly when thinking about intended changes to behavior, attitudes, learning, or social-emotional skills. 2) "Informal" learning aka learning that happens outside of a formal classroom environment. Particularly informal STEM learning, equity, and outreach.

Data visualization - you can convey so much with a very simple graphic, if you just know how to communicate that information effectively.

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