Me? I like to manipulate minds. I know that sounds extreme, but I mean no harm.

To me, being a writer is like having a superpower. Using words alone, I can make strangers think, feel, and take action. With just a few clicks on my keyboard or scribbles in my notebook, I can anonymously do good, change behaviors, and better the minds of people I’ll never meet.



Every "bad" idea is a step towards a "big" idea.

Tina Fey. She's a creative powerhouse. From Second City sketches to being the first female head writer on SNL, to writing, producing and starring in her own show. I could geek out about her for a solid hour, at least.

Observational wit.

Backup? I guess a hair model.

My name.

The Canadian national anthem because it's something everyone secretly wants to know by heart.

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