After 22 years as a senior Buyer for High Street Fashion and Country Store chains I now work from home and am loving it. I am lucky enough to have a good network of factories in China and India and get mainly Equestrian Items made for customers. After a trip to India last year and then Covid-19 Lock down I decided to set up my own small Retail Website called selling lovely hand made belts, Dog collars and Horse Halters with beadwork.

Getting things made. Developing products. Coping with off shore production process. Bringing a brand to life.

Getting my website out there

To try is to succeed

Nelson Mandela - bought out the good in people and over came adversity


Qualified Riding and Aerobics Instsructor . Was an executive Chef for 10 years so cooking

Useless information

You have to stick with something to make is work and take responsability for your actions


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