Happily married, 6 dogs, no kids.

I'm a passionate autodidact for all things music, sales/marketing and social entrepreneurship.

I've been working with Plantronics (the headset company) in Tijuana for a decade now, first for years in the Technical Assistance Center and now with the Business Development team as Inside Sales Account Manager for the Southeast region US (GA-NC-SC).

Outside of Plantronics: I'm the General Manager of HazTJ, which is the Tijuana metro of DoStuff (DoStuff is a network of local media properties run by local teams. 4 million people across 21 cities use our local daily emails, apps, websites & social handles to answer the question: “What am I going to do tonight?”). // I'm the Manager/Booker of SLARES (A live band that plays original house/disco/pop music). // I'm the Manager/Lead Guitarist in CICUTA (A Hardcore/Metal band formed in 2004). // I've been the Rhythm/Lead Guitarist for Ambiente since 2005 (A Post-Rock band, currently on hiatus). // I was the Lead Guitarist in GLASMUS (An Alternative Rock band, from 2011 to 2016). // I'm the PR Manager for Croquetón Tijuana (A bianual fundraising event founded in April 2013 that benefits rescued dogs and cats).

Music, Music Promotion, Music Production, Booking Shows, Band Management, Branding, Social Media, Email Campaigns, Plantronics Headsets & Services, SaaS

Project Management, Accounting

"No comas ansias"

I actually admire a lot someone from Tijuana, Ramón Amezcua aka "Bostich", an electronic musician. I took a brief couple of classes with him a couple of years ago when he set up a little school for electronic music. He's one of those people that from my perspective has achieve pretty much all of the good things you can aspire in life: A steady/loving relationship with your spouse, a fulfilled career around your true passion (music in his case) while at the same time be a total badass at your 'back up career' (dentistry), and always carry with you a great attitude towards life and the people around you. He just always looks and souds (when you talk to him) happy and positive.


Business Development/Sales Management in the Headset Communications Industry


"How to maintain a steady relationship for over a decade, and still have great fun and sex"

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