I am a recent graduate from University of Denver with my Master's in Anthropology. Currently, I work in Market Research as a Qualitative Analyst but my dream career is in sustainable development and humanitarian assistance. I love to travel, learn about new people and cultures, and be outside in nature.

Anthropology, Ethnography, Voluntourism, International Development, Ancient Greece and Rome, Philosophy, Art, Baking, Guatemala, Travel Hacks

Anthony Bourdain for his openness, humility, and genuine curiosity he brought to traveling and cooking. Emma Watson for using her fame to make change and fight for gender equality while also being the best witch there ever was.

It would be a tie between tour guide in Rome and professional travel writer.

The Roman Emperors in order, the songs from my 5th grade play about Lewis and Clark, and how to avoid ethnocentrism in all situations.

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