I'm a proponent of a holistic lifestyle as I've witnessed the health benefits associated with the human body in equilibrium with its internal and external environments. It saved my life in 2017. I study the human body and guide others back to their homeostatic controls. I thrive in nature, am always open to the next opportunity, ready to meet my next challenge and am grateful for this life.

Food, supplements, herbal medicine, lifestyle changes, alternative healing modalities, breathe work, meditation, landscaping, tree planting, gardening, urban farming, growing microgreens, small business startup, business management, and makeup artistry.

Focus and dismantling the fear revolving around my big hairy audacious goals.

Fulfillment is in the journey, not the destination.

All those before me because they are why I am here, living this interesting life.


TCM doctor

What's in the fridge.

How to have a great poop.

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