Storyteller, lifestyle blogger (I write "Lovely Splendid Happy"), TEAMride spin instructor, diehard DIYer, creative dreamer, adventure seeker and recovering perfectionist. I laugh at myself regularly, sing loudly and unapologetically (a real treat for my spin riders) and try not to take myself too seriously.

Writing; styling (fashion, prop and interior); telling the story of a brand or event; creative direction; event design, logistics and planning; building relationships and strategic partnerships; and client/project management.

Graphic design + photography

Don't overthink things. If you find yourself going round and round in your head, ruminating over a tough decision, come back to what your initial instinct or gut reaction was—that's usually the direction your meant to take.

Strangely, I'm really handy (usually more so than the guys I date...sigh), so I'd say my secret superpower is building and fixing things around the house. As long as I have my trusty toolkit and antique power drill—a 1970's relic (thanks Mom!)—I can DIY just about anything!

I'm pretty good at karaoke, so there's always that, but since I can only do one song ("Heartache Tonight" by the Eagles), I'm not sure there's much career longevity there. Also, I use the term "pretty good" very loosely. In all seriousness, my backup career would probably be pursuing my blog and creative endeavors full-time and one day becoming a best-selling author (a girl can dream, right?!). That or having my own design show on HGTV!

I have a photographic memory, so while I'm terrible with names, I never forget a face or random details about people and things. I can literally close my eyes and visualize the person, place or object I'm wanting to remember. For instance, even if I've only met someone once—and regardless of how much time has passed—when I see them again, I can almost always recall specifics about what they were wearing and/or doing on that first encounter. The same is true for when I'm space planning and designing an event. Several of my events are in southern California, and I usually only do one site visit, so (in addition to notes and photos), I often rely on my photographic memory to recall details of the space when making design and logistic decisions.

How to flip a coin with their belly button.

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