Laughing till crying. Always looking for cheap tickets around the world (haven't found yet). Pretending to be a self-made writer. Spent six years at the law school, working not as a lawyer. Doing everything to feel more heroic for myself. Born in Kretinga, already 8 years in Vilnius. I know how to play accordion but please - don't ask for that.

Questions. I know a lot about how to raise a question, how to ask. I even have an answer for all those questions: "Nobody knows. Because everyone has their own answer to that question".

Improving my skill in writing, selling myself, being more bad-ass and motre doing things impromtpu.

"Look at your life as it is a movie and just let all the events of your life pass you, cause everything ends in the end."; Citation from the Bridge of Spies movie: "-Are you not worried?; -No. Would it help?"

I admire life in general. Admire people who can enjoy their life at their best. I admire those who are not afraid. I admire strong and intelligent people. I admire who dream and do their job to make the dream come true.

Fitting in every culture and community without any bad feelings.

Writer, traveller, online-business owner.

The saddest and happiest moments of my life. Sorry, but I am not going to list all of them here. There would be not enough space even though I cannot brag about my good memory (when that battle took time??)

The lesson would be called: "How to teach something new being new at this".

Should I have my favorite gif? My most favorite are all those funny gifs when people are not so lucky in something (slippery ground, hot soup, crazy cats etc.)

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