Founder of @roza_bee | Leadership Organisation Development Coach. Along with a background in psychology, education & human relations (UK), a pioneer Saudi 'Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator'. I love connecting like-minded people for a greater cause that brings desired impact to our world.

Being a third culture kid.. I am in awe of different cultures. I am curious about diversity and traveling to new places. I know a lot about "art for the heart".

I need help with technology-confidence. I am a fast learner; I ask for help when dealing with non-human devices.

"Connect from you heart" & "get out of your head"!

I admire "transformative" teachers, like Dr Anastasia Kamanos, Dr Art Shirk, Dr Max Biddulph, Asmaa Kamal, Ahlam AlAzab

My secret superpower is ability to connect with anyone (all walks of life, ages, backgrounds).

My backup career is a lecturer at the university. I love teaching and learning.

I remember faces. If I saw you once, I remember you forever!

YES/AND, which is how to see value in someone's idea even if it was only a small detail.

"Anger" from Disney-Pixar's InsideOut! I love how he expresses anger in a fun way!