I’ve been developing software for over 35 years, 30 of them as a development manager, director of engineering, and vice president of engineering in organizations ranging from tiny start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. This followed my first career as a writer in New York, Wyoming, and California, during which I wrote hundreds of articles, published scores of photographs, and authored two books. I wrote one of the few books on managing software people and teams, Managing the Unmanageable: Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams. I have three software patents for compression algorithms and wrote two widely used programming texts. I cut my teeth as a manager when Apple recruited me to create a product-management group. I twice, at Apple, returned to programming, only to be made a manager, before I embraced management to lead the Finder and Applications teams, managing development of Apple’s “special sauce,” its user interface. I launched a consulting practice in 2012 to take on interim VP Engineering roles, to advise and coach engineering and product leaders about making their organizations hum; to train teams and executives in making their process more effectively agile; and to coach software development leaders in role effectiveness. I coauthor the periodic Study of Product Team Performance. My developer conference and professional group talks include facing down the challenges of implementing agile and scrum; the critical roles managers play whose teams have gone agile; the importance of user groups, teamwork, and community in software development; and transforming software development from chaos to clarity. I cochair the Silicon Valley Engineering Leadership Community.

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