Filmmaker. Podcast. Commercial video producer. Ex-Lindy Hopper. (Not necessarily in that order). I also dabble in husbanding and parenting. :) Host of "Radio Film School", the first audio documentary series about filmmaking. Think of it as "This American Life" for filmmakers.

Helping organizations effectively use content marketing and video production to market their brand. // Teaching and writing about the art and business of being a professional creative.

Listen more. Let other people do as much of the talking as possible. He/she who does the most listening, does the most selling.

Jumping over the head of a person and landing in the splits.

I'm in it. There is no backup. I DID used to work at KFC in high school. So if necessary, I can schlep chicken if I have to. :) Or I suppose I could go back into business development. (But I'd rather schlep chicken to be honest.)

To eat dessert.

The myths about video SEO.

Ron hasn't saved anything yet.