Phillip D. Marsh, AFA, AAS Creative Consultant - Rockers Print Shop

Phillip Marsh is Executive and Creative Director of Rockers Print Shop, a graphic and fine art firm located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Phillip is a graduate of Guilford Technical Community College where he received an Associates of Fine Art with a concentration in Visual Art and Associates in Advertising and Graphic Design. He is currently continuing his educational path and plans to complete his education with an MFA in Studio Art at University of Miami (FL).

Phillip has pursued a professional career as a working creative in the cities of New York, NY, Greensboro, NC, Miami, FL, and Washington, DC. He has focused his creative study of choice, wide-format art/murals/street art, predominantly in Greensboro while his studio work of printmaking and graphic arts have been explored in visiting studios of NYC, DC, and Miami. During his beginning stages of introducing the local community of Greesnboro to some of the most prolific artist on the international scene in street art today; he has had the pleasure of curating and project managing Kevin Ledo from Canada, DAAS from Japan, Nils Westergard from Richmond, VA, David "Mr. June” Louf from Rotterdam, Netherlands, Stephan “BustArt” Buster from Switzerland, Kathryn Crawford from Asheville, NC, Ishmael Lords from Miami, FL/Asheville, NC, Alex BTM from NYC, Dillon Endico from Miami, Relm1 from Boston, Mass., Noir from Greensboro, NC, Sanguine Skills from New Orleans, LA, Jamin from Greensboro, NC, Kendall Doub from Winston-Salem, NC, JEKS_NC from Greensboro, NC and AchesDUB from Dublin, Ireland. As the work that has been produced to create high grade content for the benefit and reference of the community, over 40+ pieces of art, his work has taken a back seat in the beginning stages of his professional creative career but the coming years Phillip will focus on more personal work production while still curating high profile projects by contract. His unique skill set will also lead to more creative consulting which will allow his creative foot print to expand to upcoming projects in the state of North Carolina for Asheville, Charlotte, Durham, Carolina Beach/Wilmington, and Philadelphia, PA. Phillip has in addition served as a creative community liaison for City Arts/Parks and Recreation and creative consultant for the City of Greensboro. His passion for the youth's exposure to the arts has lead him to participate in the pilot program for Arts Integration Facilitator for Guilford County Schools and volunteering in the first cycle of the Participatory Budget Cycle which coincidentally lead to the ongoing professional creative relationship with the City of Greensboro.

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