After working in several digital agencies I was feeling stuck creatively and I decided to quit my job and being location independent (I'm currently in Da Nang, Vietnam).

My education has been highly diverse I studied media at college, then I had a design master and then I discover the magnificent and infinite world of coding. As I have a background in those three things I love to mix them all to help people making their digital ideas come true with always creative solutions.

Solve problems in a creative and easy way

Finding a job where I can get involved in different projects and tasks, where I learn and share knowledge with and from my fellows

Always do what makes you happy

A freelancer worker, because she or he has to manage how to pay her or his expenses every month with always a smile on her or his face.

I am a very multidisciplinary and I learn very fast

Media, design and web development

All the stations in order of line 5 in Madrid's subway. It was my second home during college.

Probably the latest productivity, design or coding tool I used and have been impressed with.

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