I am an art nerd with a background in programming and education, and a huge passion for creating welcoming spaces and forging connections among individuals through art. I'll geek out with you about art history, empathy and inclusion in museums, feminism and gender politics, travel, and floral design (I do that too!) // I want to know your story.

Travel planning, herbal remedies, inquiry-based education, getting sucked into research rabbit holes (how did I get from this year's Oscar nominees to theories about Chromesthesia..?), yoga, how to make people feel comfortable and good

Finding a full-time job in arts programming for an organization I admire! And, practicing my French- I've forgotten most of it since college and would love a language buddy.

Being constantly curious and easily awed

Entrepreneur! I would open a beautiful event space and on-site floral design business. Or, therapist for youth/teens.

How someone made me feel

How to make an incredibly organized and efficient goals list for the week