Benjamin Ritter, MBA, MPH, EdD, is a social entrepreneur and expert in the fields of personal and professional development with the mission to simplify health, wealth, and happiness. He is the founder Live for yourself (LFY) Consulting, a personal and professional consulting service that works with clients to become the author of their own personal guidebook to fulfillment, and then integrates those teachings into their everyday lives. The process of LFY Consulting develops the internal leader and teaches clients how to lead themselves while cultivating greater levels of alignment, confidence, and emotional intelligence in the areas of life, intentions, values, and expectations. Benjamin is also the host of the Live for yourself podcast and LIVE events, author of The Live for Yourself Journal, and the The Essentials, creator of The Breakup Supplement, previous host of the Suave Lover podcast, and a freelance expert and writer who has worked for Dose Media, The Great Love Debate, The Huffington Post, TheGoodMenProject, ManTalks, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, Bustle, and more.

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Value alignment through exploring, defining, and aligning your values and the path it creates to personal fulfillment


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