I believe that anything infused with creativity can lead you to discover interesting outcomes. That was how I started my own company, by infusing creativity into data science to create the world's first guest intelligence and experience company, right here in SG.

Starting a company from scratch in Singapore, what's wrong with data, how advertising should really work, importance of relationships whether it is for a corporate client or personal and being a dad and figurehead for my two daughters.

Everything! There is always more to learn and discover.

Persistence beats resistance. This was actually dating advice that I got from a friend when I was young and it's worked for everything.

My mother. She is the embodiment of perseverance and has shown resilience through the toughest of times when others would fall apart.

Ambition. Challenge me and while you sleep I'll be creeping up on you. Doubt from others and my own ego has always been a great combination to keep moving forward.

Professional gamer (I wish). Probably focus on helping companies through enterprise level creative technology solutions.

My family and my love for soccer when I was younger.

Hope you approach problem solving in a more constructive and motivational way without it feeling like a problem.

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