Bachelor Degree in Advertising and Marketing at Universidade Paulista (UNIP). I've worked in the area since 2009 when I began as an Intern in Planning, Marketing, and Social Media at a global consumer retail brand (Staples) and at Folha de São Paulo, the biggest newspaper in Brazil. Since then, I have worked at Tok&Stok, the biggest brand of retail furniture and decoration in the country as a marketing and communications assistant, where I expanded my abilities in product marketing, institutional marketing, public relations, and social media. Most recently, I'm doing freelance Social Media Strategy/Manager for some agencies in LA and SF. Now, in Miami, I'm interested in opportunities to work on marketing strategies, social media, and innovative projects.

Understanding the micro to the macro and easily connect me to receiver and transmitter.

Companies believe that my cultural and professional baggage can add to the American market.

Keep dreaming and be honest with yourself.

My mother. because she showed me how to manage a house, finances and a team called family.

Listen before you speak.

Ricardo hasn't saved anything yet.