"Born in 1979 on the planet Earth.

Graphic designer [www.ricardomacedo.com] and musician [www.anxiousmyopicboy.com], his professional activity as a designer/illustrator allows him to work with national and international clients, in print or online, and to lecture in the oldest design school of the Iberian Peninsula, ELISAVA.

His work was recognized in professional graphic design publications and his multidisciplinary vision makes him walk seamlessly between illustration, photography :: www.riso800.com :: and music.

Simultaneously, he’s Anxious Myopic Boy :: www.anxiousmyopicboy.com."

by Imago Film Festival

Nothing, but I love to spend my time creating and expressing myself through music, photography, illustration, comedy and cooking.

a lot of stuff, depending of the moment... I'm always looking for filmmakers.

To live Here and Now.

Fernando Pessoa