I am a Business Development coaching trainer and I help design firms and creative agencies all over the world get new business by lowering the cost of sale, winning proposals more easily and increasing organic sales from the clients they already have. I started as a graphic designer, evolved to brand strategist and business development professional bringing hundreds of thousands in new busienss to the design firms I worked with.

business development, new business, client relationships, graphic design firms, branding firms, creative entrepreneurship, proposals, pitching, handling meetings, how to get work, branding, brand strategy, staying inspired, business models for creative professionals.

understanding trends like AI and staying on top of what's happening

Be good with who I am and where I'm at

Oprah - she's a creator of magnitude

ability to give clarity quickly

interior design or underwater basket weaving!

The birthdays of the kids I went to school. I have many coaching clients and I remember everything that they are working on. I can hear a song once or twice and remember it.


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