I help leaders be creative by understanding who they are, what they beleive and how they can be even just 10% more effective. I'm a Certifying Master Trainer of The Leadership Challenge and I coach, develop and train everyone from students to CEOs in non-profits, for-profits of all sizes and industries.

Developing leadership skills, including developing an environment where others can be creative, innovative and take risks.

Finding aspiring and current leaders who are interested in sharing their creative stories, developing their leadership skills.

Live according to your values. Know when you are compromising your values for others and when you need to stand for what you believe in.

Author Jim Kouzes. He's worked in civil rights, he's worked for the peace corps, and he has been relentlessly studying, curious and passionate about leaders, including student leaders, as well as diversity and inclusion - worldwide and in the U.S.

Banishing stress with a centered pot! (Ceramics)


My leadership philosophy.

Your leadership philosophy.

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