Richard has lived and worked in England, Denmark, Germany, Australia and now Holland. Madly enthusiastic about motorbikes, he studied Automotive Design at Coventry University. Shortly after University he followed his passion for sneakers, fashion and travel. Following 11 years in the footwear design industry, he is now taking a year out to start a range of exciting independent projects that focus on happiness, fun, creativity and most importantly learning. With global knowledge and experiences from BMW, Puma and Adidas, Richard is looking to exchange ideas, help out and be creative. Contact welcomed, find me on facebook at rph79

How to build 'on-trend' collections in big sport-lifestyle companies.

Starting a small, fun, independent, creative house.

Never, ever, ever give up.

My Mum and Dad. A lot of reasons.


My backup plan is not having a career.

Random facts

The concept of 3 levels of happiness. 'Flow' being the middle one that all creatives achieve when they are happily working.

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