Renis Batalli is an Architect, Designer & Lecturer in Polis University of Architecture & Urban Planing. He graduated in MSc. Architecture & Urban Design in 2013 and worked for 3 years in a German-Albanian Architecture firm. In 2013 he started his career as a University Lecturer in the Architecture & Design department. In 2014 Renis and three other Architects founded Destil Tirana, a hostel, co-working space, cafe, exhibition and conference center, creating a platform for students, young professionals & freelancers to work & exhibit their projects. In 2015 he finished his second MSc. in Applied Design, and opened his own Architecture & Design studio called designingVOID working mainly in USA, Italy & Albania. Renis has dedicated most of his career to promote artistic expression and young artists of different fields such as arts, architecture, design & music. Traveling and playing musical instruments are some of his passions.

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