My name is Rene and I am currently a co-founder at Creative Shower, a Mentor in Residence at Eleven Accelerator and Venture Fund and an inspirator in my numerous talks to young people (and of course let’s not forget my roles as a mom, wife, friend, daughter, etc.). I have worked in the corporate world long enough to build a lot of experience and to recognize that creativity and innovation are the basis of our growth as companies, people, countries. So for the last 3 years slowly but surely I am working with my team on influencing start-ups to do better, established companies to recreate their culture and corporations to shake up a little bit and start solving their problems in a more innovative way. I love working with people, singing and dancing, creative arts, reading books and listening to music. I love children and like entertaining myself by playing with them. I also love travelling and having inspiring conversations with different people on interesting topics.

Managing people, managing a company, operations, creativity, empowering people to give their best, start-ups. Also design thinking and creative techniques and approaches for problem solving on top of analytical tools.

Organizing my time, learning the discipline of blogging, not losing interest in new things soon after mastering them to some degree.

Better ask for forgiveness than for permission.

Victor Frankl. For the way he survived the Holocaust and the wisdom he left us in his book "Man's search for meaning". Also I admire Malala for the spirit, strength and the faith she has.

Empathy. Being able to understand people and dig the best out of them.

Cabaret singer and dancer.

Children's rhymes.

Jumping ropes.

I actually don't have one. I see them, I laugh, I forget.

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