Patrick Hoesly is married to his lovely wife, Heather, and they are currently living in Kansas City. Patrick’s day job has him creating 3D animations and presentation graphics for Architects and designers. His college degree is in Architecture, and he has worked in this field for over 20 years. He is qualified to tell you how your building will go together, but would much prefer just to make a pretty picture explaining the whole process.

Patrick loves creativity and art and seriously considered becoming a writer back in college. However, his spelling is atrocious, so the creativity and the lure of drawing/architecture won out. He never stopped creating stories and often thought what life 'bizarro' Patrick lead as a world class author (ah…book signings in London, followed by dinner in Paris). Luckily in 2015, his passion for creative writing welled back up and, with the support of his wife, he started laying his thoughts and designs down to paper.

Between work and writing, Patrick also dedicates gobs of hours to Shriners International and in turn, their Children's Hospital system. He helps his local Shriners group with marketing and presentation graphics necessary to promote themselves and their annual circus. He also likes hiking, camping, graphic design, fun illustrations, and thinking about weird things that might one day be put down to paper.

Woof! Woof! Ah, yes. Patrick is also allowed to live in his house courtesy of three crazy cats, and two wiggly dogs – all of which want attention right whenever Patrick’s Muses starts singing. Patrick also likes people to buy, not throw, him banana cream pies. He also knows people don’t read author biographies, but he feels it might be worth a try.

Currently Patrick has 3 coloring books with more in the wings. He is also writing a Fantasy novel with some really cools stuff going down… like in chapter 4… OMG, you wouldn’t believe what happens!

Patrick hasn't saved anything yet.