I have an extensive background in training design and delivery in all aspects of sales and sales leadership. I spend most of my time consulting and coaching individuals to achieve peak performance

How to lead individuals and teams to achieve peak performance.

Staying motivated for working out!

"Do what you love and the money will follow" "Never stop learning"

Maya Angelou -She was a deep thinker who viewed life realistically and with great possibility. She embraced her gifts and shared them with the world

I am incredibly intuitive.

I am an artist and jewelry designer as a hobby. My handmade beaded bracelets can be viewed on Etsy at redrudderstudio.com. I love participating in art fairs. Women are so delightful to watch when they discover an item that feeds their sense of self.

The energy and attitude of each person I meet.

How to communicate at the highest level of understanding.

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