39 year old determined and passionate woman set out to make some progress in the US maternal health system and improve outcomes in new moms. Moving small mountains everyday, as well as running up and down them.

Moms. Maternal health. Postpartum health. Public Health. Crowdfunding. Fundraising. Startups. Business growth. Mentoring. Living outdoors. Running. Skiing. The human soul. Starting. Resilience. Travel. Creativity. Growth. Food and cooking it vitality. Fashion and style. Growing food and flowers and plants. Learning.

Scaling my business. Strategy for growth.

Don't take it. Instead listen with heart and act from there.

Jenna Lyons, Norma Kamali, Seth Godin, Adam Braun, my mom. I think the first four most people could relate to...my mom, she's taught me everything about being a boss, determined, sassy, energetic and full of life. She's taught me to look under the rug metaphorically and what to do with this kind of examination physically. Also, she sang to my dad as life left his body with love like I've never seen before - so she teaches me to bring that love to life everyday. She can't ever die.

Transforming energy & being the eye of the storm.

Running ultras.

Anything about birth and emergency care. How to run mountains and ski. How to restore health. How to make gumbo. How to love.

How to deliver a baby on an airplane.

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