I have had the incredible fortune of having three separate photographic columns for The Washington Post. "The Scene", which was the Society column, not only did I shoot, but I also edited it, found the editorial content, and copy wrote. My work has appeared in countless publications including National Geographic Traveler, The New York Times, Ebony, and many others. My Katrina post-storm images are in the permanent collection of The Library of Congress, and I also have work in the collections of The National Museum of Women in the Arts. Clients have included The Science Museum of Virginia, Scenic Virginia, Safeway, The Sundance Channel, Discovery Network, The Washington Ballet, and many more. I also owned an art gallery in Black Mountain, NC for awhile called Studio 103. I grew up as an Air Force brat and became very protean with all the moving. We lived in Liberia when I was five, six, and seven. It was amazing; at once horrific and magical, like a CS Lewis book. I have spent my adult life travelling and moving and have met so many amazing folks along the way. I love, love animals and my dream is to have an animal sanctuary one day. I transport rescue dogs when I can, and foster. I have two beautiful canine companions: Lakota, the warrior prince, and Khoe, the crazy hound/whippet. The two of them have a love most humans would aspire to! I also tutor English and teach creative writing, and will be getting my real estate license soon:) I am available for any type of photography: pets, PR, events, real estate, portraits, editorial, advertising, websites, weddings.

nutrition and herbs, and dogs, and food.

opening jars sometimes.

stop hanging onto old narratives; invent new ones.

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. and John Lennon.

reading thoughts and stopping time/time travel.

I have had a few already! Teaching middle school, not so much what I hoped it might be (besides a regular pay check and health insurance). On to Real Estate to marry my talents and be independent again and continue photo career.

getting in trouble when I was four for taking Lemon Coolers upstairs to bed with me.

how to not take things personally.

?? :) (glad I don't really no where to go with this question).

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