Hello! My name is Renaud I work as a cameraman / DP, editor for several large companies in Canada and the US for 6 years. I am located in Trois-Rivières 1 hour from the city of Montreal and Quebec City 1hr I know too well the Quebec states.

I have an extensive experience in television production logistics. I work mainly for TV Nation Télé Québec, La fabrique culturelle, CBC Radio Canada and other companies as a freelancer as 90seconds, Blink, Formula Photographic Inc, Canadian Society of war amputees, Sportech,, entourage group and many other company. What I like most of my job is to go to meet people discover new story and try to put the images such imagine the customer, you! I have all my equipment and I can easily hire matter what type of cameras if you needed one of my greatest strengths is that I easily adapt to any production, I know very well the cameras, canon, sony and red. One of my biggest challenges is t make interviews of high quality mostly by operating two cameras at once, and create b-roll image quality, make a templaps during a break, hanging one gopro or more on a car, use a drone to situate the scene. This is all of the techniques I used, which I would be happy to put at your disposal. I am not afraid to work long hours in different contions sometimes very difficult in the rain, in the snow at -40 degrees to climb a mountain if necessary, to tell your story.

Video is a vital communication tool nowadays. Reach as many people as possible, efficiently, with few resources, and that, distinguishing itself from the competition: this is the challenge. Knowing how to create a high quality dynamic content and quickly integrate with your platform of choice is one of my strengths that I want to share with you.

les relations humaines, les caméras et comment faire des films.


Bill Murray because he is himself and is not afraid to come into contact with strangers for a moment

inconnue juste qu'à ce jour...

ouvrir un gîte restaurant

Les répliques de film de Louis de Funes

comment faire un bon Tiramisu...

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