When asked to describe myself, a multitude of ideas come to mind: humble & hungry design student, Instagram addict, vegan(ish), equality advocate, or my personal favorite, java junkie.

Through the many years past and many more to come, my only hope is to make life itself an art. I have always wanted to learn a second language, and I found that sense of satisfaction through design. Although unconventional, I believe design and online presence communicates visually when words alone cannot do us justice. While I am relatively new to the marketing design world, a combination of overflowing optimism, adaptability, accountability, and aesthetics makes me a force to be reckoned with.

Aesthetics and the power of visual communication.

Getting my foot in the door in the design world. Once someone hands me the ropes, I know I can pull my weight.

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

Paula Scher because she is a world-class graphic designer who personally inspired me to pursue a career in creative strategy and digitalized communication arts.

I can hula-hoop dance, which is exactly what it sounds like: dancing with a giant circle and doing cool tricks that are far easier than they look.

I am a woman of many interests, and my studies reflect that. In addition to my Fine Arts degree, I have minors in Marketing and Economics. If creative strategy does not work out as planned, I am prepared to take on Digital Marketing, preferably within the start-up community.

Song lyrics. A very useless, and yet extremely handy skill set of mine.

How to make anyone in the room feel appreciated and understood. Empathy is skill that is a lot easier to acquire than people think. Within 5 minutes, anyone can learn how to truly be present in a conversation, and the importance of listening to to understand, not just reply.

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