Born in Tirana, 25.02.1975 MBA (Master II) in Law, Economy, Management with specialty in Administration and Management of Enterprises in France. Studied about International Development and Cultural Exchange at International People’s College in Denmark. Studied English Language and Literature in Tirana. Followed the college of Professional General Economics Studies in Tirana. Worked for more than 15 years in development projects, managing multidisciplinary projects in several countries of Balkans, Europe and Africa. Worked on different subjects as a consultant for local and international organisations. Lecturer teaching students about Creation of Small and Medium Enterprises and their management at the European University of Tirana. Hobbies always have been painting and crafting, using the creativity on daily life. It inspires and helps to free the mind and feel no borders, finding so, creative solutions to different problems. Love to develop innovative projects with the aim to bring people’s values and creativity together, as believing that creativity is a a natural value we all posses, which need to be free and get further explored. Concerned about many global issues such as: environment protection, waste management, over-consumption, water and air pollution. Last three years created a new space on Facebook named: ECO ALTERNATIVE ARTS. This space is created with the aim to make awareness about environment through ART. Voluntarily with others inspire creativity, caring and respect, educate and offer awareness, stimulate dialogue with the aim of changing human behavior towards our living environment and encourage long term respect for the natural resources and the species we coexist with.

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