Rachel Bastarache Bogan is an entrepreneur, video editor and author. She is the founder of Renegade Digital Post, a video company providing post-production services to producers and filmmakers across the United States. In 2017, she wrote a book called “How to Edit Videos That People Want to Watch,” giving producers and video shooters the tools to create engaging content.

The post-production for video, particularly the edit. I assemble and lead teams. As an entrepreneur I constantly learn about business management, development and marketing. I am also good at gluten-free baking.

Making connections in the marketing and corporate video production world. Do you know anyone who needs video-marketing or video production services?

"You can do this." - Jeff Bartsch, teacher at the Power Edit Academy in Burbank, CA.

I love Benjamin Franklin for his pursuit of things that benefited other people. From creating printed content to inventing a type of street lamp, to his political activity and diplomacy, he sought the good of others.

My smile, tenacity, and ability to execute and get stuff done.

Either opening a gluten-free exclusive bakery, or pursuing a professional aggressive-quad skating career.

Pretty much anything I've read or watched. I tend to have a photographic memory.

I would teach them to dance.