Rachel Bastarache Bogan is an entrepreneur, videoeditor, author and rollerskater. She is the driving force behind Renegade Digital Post, a post-production company based in Denver. She's also the author of "How to Edit Videos That People Want to Watch," available on Amazon.com. When she's not entrepreneuring or writing, she's often vlogging about business and mindset, or shredding up skate parks.

The post-production for video, particularly the edit. I assemble and lead teams. As an entrepreneur I constantly learn about business management, development and marketing. I am also good at gluten-free baking.

Making connections in the marketing and corporate video production world. Do you know anyone who needs video-marketing or video production services?

"You can do this." - Jeff Bartsch, teacher at the Power Edit Academy in Burbank, CA.

I love Benjamin Franklin for his pursuit of things that benefited other people. From creating printed content to inventing a type of street lamp, to his political activity and diplomacy, he sought the good of others.

My smile, tenacity, and ability to execute and get stuff done.

Either opening a gluten-free exclusive bakery, or pursuing a professional aggressive-quad skating career.

Pretty much anything I've read or watched. I tend to have a photographic memory.

I would teach them to dance.