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Reading people.

Driving. I don't know why but I hate it, I can't wait to have a personal chauffeur one day.

Don't burn bridges. The older you get, the smaller the world seems to become and you'd be shocked by how many people you run into again during your lifetime.

Daphne Guinness - who else is going to drink a tequila neat while rocking some body armor?

I can fall asleep in a comatose state only to wake up three days later to find a missing persons' report filed for me. I've slept through earthquakes, fires, and tornados.

Botanist. My apartment is a mixture of modern clean lines meets an episode of hoarders (I have 22 plants in my one bedroom Greenhouse (I mean apartment*)).

Designers and what people wore when I met them for the first time.

The art of a Side Hustle.

John hasn't saved anything yet.