Monai Nailah McCullough is an Amsterdam-based horticulturist hailing from New York City, with 7 years of personal and professional experience with indoor plants. Monai is a passionate plant lover who has dedicated her life to helping people care for their plants at home. Since her first plant purchase in 2013, Monai has developed a career that ranges from positions of caring for plants in offices such as Spotify, Etsy, and TED HQ, to creating and maintaining green walls all around NYC, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Monai decided to move from NYC to Amsterdam to tackle a new market of plant lovers, and inspire others to develop a relationship with plants just as she has over the last several years. 

In 2018, she founded PLANTMOM, a green design company providing plant care and maintenance, styling, installations for private homes and offices. PLANTMOM offers workshops, and team building events to increase the knowledge and sustainability in indoor plant care and link the community of plant lovers through creative content, social media, and events. 

In a short time Monai has been able to collaborate and work with Amsterdam based companies such as Mediamatic and Wildernis Amsterdam, Impact Hub, and Soho House Amsterdam as well as global brands such as, Nike, and Timberland and have successfully taught dozens of workshops and over 250+ students in Amsterdam how to care and love plants. 


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"A 'Plan B' is a plan to fail"

My mom, she is unstoppable.


I have no backup, but when I do hope one day I can be a sommelier.

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